«MultiTex» — Manufacturer of Flame Retardant Coated Fabrics

About us

MultiTex LLC was founded in Zelenograd (Russia) in 2014 by specialists in the field of silica and glass fibers and fabrics.

The main goal of the company is to popularize the use of non-combustible technical fabrics.

Our products are used to protect people, buildings, equipment and materials from extreme temperatures and fire fighting.

Production facilities include:

• workshop for coating and impregnating fabrics;

• workshop for tailoring finished products.

All products are certified.

MultiTex performs the following types of work:

Coating single-sided and double-sided based on silicone, polyurethane, acrylic, vermiculite on all types of fabrics and non-woven materials.

Impregnation of materials with compositions of our own design or compositions of the customer.

Development of compositions and impregnations according to the technical specifications.

Tailoring of finished products to order or according to customer drawings.

Development of technical specifications.

Tinting of impregnation according to the control sample.

Our company is fighting to preserve the environment, therefore, it uses chemical compounds exclusively on a water basis.