Silicone Coated Silica Fabric

Silicon-coated silica fabric is produced on modern equipment by the company “Multitex”. The basis for the coating is a silica fabric of satin weaving of the KT-11-S 8/3 brand, produced according to TU 13.20.46-240-18087444.2018.

Technical specifications

Product Code: KT 650 S1 KT 700 S2
Silica Fiber Fabric
Silica Fiber Fabric
satin 8/3
satin 8/3
Silicone-based composition with flame retardant additives
1 Side
2 Side
650 g/m²
700 g/m²
Thickness of Coated Fabric:
0.66 mm
0.71 mm
Tensile Strength Warp:
2200 N/2.5 cm
2000 N/2.5 cm
Tensile Strength Weft:
800 N/2.5 cm
800 N/2.5 cm
Base Cloth Temperature Range:
-200 / +1100°С
-200 / +1100°С
Coating Temperature Range:
-60 / +250°С
-60 / +250°С


Advantages of Silicone Coated Silica Fabrics:

Non-combustible silica fabrics with silicone coating are produced according to TU 5952-001-16867008-2014 ed.№5 from 04/27/2021  with a width of 920 to 1200 mm. (production of a larger or smaller width is allowed at the request of the customer).

Fabrics are wound into a roll with a sleeve and packaged in plastic wrap.

During transportation, storage and use of materials do not harm the environment and human health.

Guaranteed shelf life – 1 year from the date of manufacture.

All products are certified.

Certified Manufacturer

European Quality

European Equipment

At the request of the consumer, we can produce fabric with the required technical characteristics.

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