Non-Combustible Coated Fabrics

We offer non-combustible fabrics with impregnation.

We are a Russian manufacturer of non-combustible coated and impregnated fabrics.

We produce non-combustible fabrics from technical cloths based on fiberglass, silica fiber, basalt fiber, etc. To give moisture resistance and increase their resistance to flammability, a silicone coating or a polyurethane layer is applied to the base fabric.

Properties of non-combustible coated technical fabrics:

Non-combustible canvases and coated fabrics are used in the manufacture of fabric expansion joints in ventilation and smoke removal systems, thermal covers, fire curtains, welding curtains, flexible inserts for air ducts.

To give materials the properties of heat resistance and moisture protection, the following are used:

“Our equipment allows to work with fabrics based on E-glass, silica, basalt and with most non-woven materials. We can impregnate fabrics and non-woven materials with various compositions, as well as apply compositions to the surface of materials from one or both sides.        Our specialists have been working in the field of glass and silica fibers for many years. We guarantee high quality impregnated fabrics. We develop and produce most of the feed compositions on our own. "
Tikhvinsky Andrey
Executive Director of MultiTex LLC