Why do we use vermiculite based coating?

Vermiculite coating of non-combustible fabrics in Russia is not common.

At the same time, in the American, Korean and other industrial markets, silica fabric and fiberglass with vermiculite coating are common.

So what are the benefits of vermiculite and why is it used?

Directories give this answer:

Vermiculite is a mineral from the hydromica group that has a layered structure. The product of the secondary alteration of the dark mica biotitaiflogopita.

Vermiculite is externally a plate-like crystal of golden yellow or brown color. When heated from the plates, columns or threads of golden, brown, greenish or silver color are formed, which are divided into scales. The density of the material is small, individual flakes float on the surface of the water.

For use in coatings, flakes are milled, the resulting particles have a size of 30-120 μm.m

The chemical composition of vermiculite is (Mg + 2, Fe + 2, Fe + 3) 3 [(Al, Si) 4O10] · (OH) 2 · 4H2O. In this case, vermiculite contains various impurities, as it is a natural material. The presence of various impurities determines the overall color of vermiculite.


The main properties of vermiculite coating of technical fabrics:

In fabrics made of E-glass, the melting temperature due to this coating rises by about 100 ºС. Silica fiber fabrics increase their melting temperature, the threshold rises by 100 ºС, which allows the fabric to withstand cyclic temperature loads without loss of properties

Areas of industrial use of vermiculite are determined by its properties.

It is used in the manufacture of:

We are a Russian manufacturer of vermiculite coated silica fabric. The quality of the coating corresponds to European peers.